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There have been a number of adverts for Saal Digital on Facebook, offering a £40 voucher in return for a product review, I completed a short application form, and received a voucher and details of where to get the software and what to do with regard to a review.


I have used a number of Photobook makers before some taking pictures downloaded to the site and then having ability to tweak the layouts, I opted to use the software from Saal site as I was looking to produce the final book quickly. I have to say the software was very easy to use and customisable to your needs on the final book.

It was easy to use, uploading a group of images into the software to use, and then selecting layouts, and dragging and dropping images to the relevant bit of the template. again this was very easy to use and change as I needed.

Book laid flat

I decided upon 15 x 21 book, with white cloth cover (without the padding) including 26 pages and glossy prints, managing to get all this in plus delivery for just under the voucher value.

The book cover and spine

The glossy prints are on heavy weight, and frankly really do pop


When selecting your images, ensure they are as sharp as can be, and spend time on image selection, this quality of print will show up any unintentional mis-focused images. That said the sharp images look amazing, and as I say really pop.

From upload to the book arriving it was well within the stated 14 days, and not bad considering coming from Germany

The First image and last image are attached to the book covers, this needs taking into consideration if you are planning on adding any details to it, wordy pages etc.

All in all this was a fantastic product, and a great end product that I will gladly show off to customers and add to my product offering.

More flat example

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