How to increase your Lightroom editing speed

I have been following for a while now the midi2lr project, after seeing a video or two on youtube, I decided to take the plunge, so I ordered myself a Behringer X-Touch Mini – Midi Controller for my christmas present.

Then started researching things a bit more in preperation, whilst it is fairly easy to use, it’s not as easy as I first anticipated to setup, there will be some more info on doing this coming soon.

Above is the controller itself, you can see the lights on the rotary knobs, and thanks to the midi2lr project and it’s development, I have added the stickers showing the functions, I am planning on re-doing them, and working on the PSD at present.

There are 8 rotary knobs, and 16 buttons by default, but with the midi2lr software you can add profiles, so I now have 4 profiles assigned to the controller, effectively giving 4 times the knob count, and 3 times the button count (allowing for profile change buttons)

Layer buttons allow for extending the button count

When a knob is turned the resulting slider in lightroom is adjusted, and the lights indicate where the slider is, as you go back and forth through images, the light positions replicate the sliders.

Lightroom on the surface, with the x-touch attached and midi2lr between, indicating slider positions.

If you look closely at the image above, you can see that the lights are positioned, and sliders in lightroom reflect this, again, not easy to show in a static image, I’ll get a video done soon and posted.

With this controller, I can hand on heart say I have sped up my lightroom processing, and this is something I will be using and working on going forward.

Look for more posts on Lightroom / Midi2LR including a more indepth configuration guide.

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