Good News

So Serenity Studios actual studio was vacated on 30th November, we will continue to shoot Serenity Studios booked appointments and events, but in essence we are going our individual ways.

Why then the good news? Well, I was contemplating my options and a couple came up, fairly local to me both having their own good points – and I have decided to take the plunge again on a test for 3 months, I’ll be homing my photography business in Cleckheaton from mid February.

just after 15th I will be at Woodroyd Studios, with a mix of amazing photographers already, giving me the opportunity to grow and learn from others and maybe help out other grow also.

So I will be getting myself sorted between now and then, to hopefully get some shoots booked in and get things moving again.

Anyone wanting Headshots or product photography, or if you know anyone that might benefit from some great photography, get in touch.


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