Configuring the X-Touch Mini with MIDI2LR

A guide to configuring MIDI2LR and the X-Touch Mini

So I touched on the X-Touch Mini as a way to speed up your Lightroom processing, and I said I was going to cover in a bit more detail the process for installing the software.

I’m using version to illustrate this, as it is the latest at the time of me doing these instructions.

Download the MIDI2LR package from and select the Latest Release.

Once you have the file downloaded, you need to extract it, personally, I have created a directory on the root of my C:\ drive called midi, to keep it together, and protected from Lightroom upgrades.

I also keep the profiles in here (more on that in a bit)

When you have extracted the Zip to the desired location, next step is to open lightroom. I have the controller attached at the minute, but that will not effect these steps right now.

Using the Add button, navigate the where you had extracted the files.

You should then see the MIDI2LR plugin (and directory details in status)

This would get you setup for a basic installation, and allow you to then go on and configure buttons, but I will quickly run through the settings for Brian Lovelace’s configuration, which I have used as a base to my own preferences.

If the controller is plugged in then it is likely that the MIDI2LR screen will have opened for you, if not and you have the Midi Controller plugged in – Press the Reload Plug-In button.

The Configuration panel above is shown, and by default/first run the buttons might not show up until you push or turn a knob.

I am going to run through the Loading of profiles, though, to extend the number of effective functions at your fingertips.

Click on Load and navigate to your folder:

You can see the MIDI2LR distribution has some templates from Brian Lovelace ready for you to load, I start with the BASIC_PANEL_XTOUCH.XML – and that’s shown at the bottom of the panel image.

To extend the functionality you can assign buttons to change profiles, this will mean you can extend the functionality, and not need to switch around between mouse and keyboard and midi controller.

To configure this to work, you need to assign the profiles, this on the first go isn’t as intuitive as it might be, hence me doing this guide. But in Lightroom -> File -> Plug-In Extras -> MIDI2LR -> Options

There is a Profile tab if you enter the following, or in your own preferred order, but the below I find works nicely. This then means that on Layer B -> Top Row of buttons -> 4 Buttons on the right-hand side are Profile 1/Profile 2/Profile 3/Profile 4

On Layer B – > pressing one of the top righthand buttons will switch profile.

I have the option set to Notify when profile changes set, just so I can see.

The Panel shows above Clear ALL rows the profile that is currently active.

I hope you found this of use, and hope you come back to see some further details on using the X-Touch Mini for Lightroom, to speed up your editing.

There is also a YouTube Video for this post, along with some for editing. Check back for updates.



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