Backup your data – Free and relatively easy

Do you worry about the complexities of backing up your data, keeping multiple copies to ensure the critical files are safe and you have a copy of them in case of anything happening to you PC/MAC?

Free File Sync is a great little tool for backup purposes

The tool is available from the following link:

Download the latest version (at time of this video it’s 8.10)

Once it downloaded – run the installer, but please take care and be mindful of the following steps. And if you like the program PLEASE do donate some funds to the creator.

Read the license and assuming you agree click the I accept Agreement and Next button Pick your install directory, if different from the default.

Pick what options you wish to install (desktop icons etc)

The next window appears, and be careful – some consider this bloatware, but may I suggest that if you untick this please ensure you donate to the software maker, as it’s only fair (assuming you continue to use the software)

Untick the Agree checkbox, and click Next

The installer will then complete the main installation. Once the installer completes click finish and that’s the install complete. You’ll now have 2 new icons on your desktop.

The first one we will look at is the FreeFileSync main program, the RealTimeSync allows you to run a saved batch from FreeFileSync to automatically run when a disk with certain criteria becomes available (eg External HDD or USB)

Start FreeFileSync

We can see here I have an example job setup already, there is a YouTube video covering this (Link)

Synchronise Options


If you use Two Way – Any changes made to Either data store WILL be replicated, so removing or changing a file at destination WILL change it at source.

Deleting files at either side WILL delete them from the other side.



Like two way – BUT if the file is updated on destination the source version will be mirrored to it, so updates should only be made on the source drive


Copies new and updated versions from source to the destination

With the Filters, you can include and exclude files, for example you might only want a certain file type in certain media and the use of filters will allow this.

The software is very powerful and potentially dangerous if you don’t double check what you are doing.

I am not responsible for loss of your data through use of this software.


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